Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Licorice Mints

Licorice and mints. I must admit the combination sounded strange to me at first. But it really makes sense. Licorice naturally freshens breath and actually helps fight cavities. In fact, the popular Mentos candies were created in Netherlands as a licorice-flavorted sweet called "Drop Mentos." Licorice is called "drop" in the Netherlands and has been a popular treat there ever since Dutch exploreres first brought licorice root back from their travels.
Although you can't buy Drop Mentos in U.S. stores, you can purchase these treats on-line from Licorice International here.

Another one of my favorite mints goes by the interesting name "Hint Mints" and comes in a unique tin designed to fit in your back pocket. Hint Mints, an American candy, have a strong mint-and-licorice flavor that especially appeals to hard core licorice lovers. I find them downright addicting. You can purchase hint mints here.
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