Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just found some other Licorice (Liquorice) Lovers

I just found a couple of Licorice Lovers on-line.  Actually, I should spell that with the British spelling--Liquorice--in this case. Two great writers--Mini Olen and Denni--contribute to this blog, which focuses specifically on salty licorice.  Check it out here.

Many people love salty licorice even better than traditional sweet licorice. Licorice International sells 24 kinds of salty licorice available here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gluten Free Licorice

Many people need to eliminate gluten from their diet because of Celiac disease or other medical conditions. But being gluten free doesn't mean giving up licorice!  Licorice International offers nearly 50 gluten free treats, from traditional black licorice to mints to the ever popular licorice toffee. 

Click here to see the variety of gluten free candy available.

And just in time for Halloween, the great folks at Gluten Free TV posted a review of four great-tasting Licorice International products: Licorice Babies, Cherry ChewsRed Scotties and Sour Stars.

To see the review of gluten free licorice products, fast forward the video to 4:40.  Enjoy!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chocolate spider cakes

Here's another great idea for Halloween: Chocolate Spider Cakes. The recipe comes from Europe, so you may need to modify it slightly. Be sure to use self-rising flour.  You would use about one and a fourth cups to equal 150 grams. If you don't have any available, just use regular flour and add a half a teaspoon salt and one and a half teaspoons baking powder.

You can find the complete recipe here.

You can find Licorice Allsorts here and Black Licorice Laces here.

Happy baking!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Licorice in Fondue

I just discovered another great use for licorice: Fondue. Simply mix 5 ounces of dark chocolate, 4 ounces black licorice, and 2 tablespoons kirsch or any type of brandy. Melt slowly and serve in a warmer or fondue pot. Dip fruit, cookies, or pound cake into the fondue.

What a great way to add a unique taste to your fondue, and not just at Halloween!

I would recommend using a sweet, soft licorice, such as Finnish Black Tire Tread or Australian Kookaburra Black Twists, Pontefract Cakes, Soft Licorice Drops from Holland, or any of the sweet licorice at Licorice International.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute "Mice" cakes decorated with Licorice

I discovered another use for those ever-handy licorice laces: Cute mice cakes. Because of the unique combination of pumpkin, maple syrup and German chocolate, it makes a great fall treat, if you want to serve something a little less scary-looking than typical Halloween fare. Perfect for a "harvest party," kids birthday party or game night. You can even add a whimsical touch to your Thanksgiving celebration. You can find the complete recipe and directions here.

If you can't find black food coloring, you can make the mice pure white and use bits of licorice laces for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Licorice Laces are available from Licorice International Just click on the word licorice laces to go directly to the page. These tasty treats are made with real licorice root and come from Finland, where licorice is especially popular.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Haymarket Neighborhood Wins Award

The Licorice International retail store is located in Lincoln's historic Haymarket neighborhood, a destination spot for restaurants, unique shops and the local farmers' market. We Lincolnites know it's a pretty special place. It's a relaxed kind of place, but at the same time has a unique energy that can't be found anywhere else in town.

Now the area has received national recognition.  The American Planning Association announced recently that the Haymarket was named one of the 10 great neighborhoods for 2009, noting the city's commitment to preserving the historic buildings. The Haymarket is the first Nebraska neighborhood to make the list.  To read the entire article, click here.

Congratulations Haymarket!  It's a great place to call home.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Visit to Farmers Market Includes Stop at Licorice International

Recently Gail Prather from Hastings, Nebraska, came to Lincoln to attend the weekly farmer's market.  She loved the many vendors at the market and enjoyed learning about the Historic Haymarket area, where the market is held.  A highlight of her trip was a stop at Licorice International's retail store. While not a part of the farmer's market, the store is located just around the corner and is a favorite destination for both local and out-of-town guests.

Here's what Gail had to say about Licorice International:

While we were in downtown Lincoln we decided to visit Licorice International. Oh, was that fun!

Licorice in every size, shape and flavor you could ever dream of from all over the world. We came home with a Black Licorice Bridge Mix and an Australian Licorice that was wonderful. We also sampled some others that were just as good. A very fun side trip.
Her post includes some great historical information about the Haymarket District (ever wonder where it got its name?).  You can read the entire post here.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Licorice Drops

Now THIS is real licorice: Soft Licorice Drops from Holland. If you want to try some FREE, just place an internet order of any size with Licorice International, and you will recieve a package (10 pieces) of Soft Licorice Drops absolutely free. You'll see why these soft, flavorful drops are a favorite of the Dutch.
Click here for details.

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