Saturday, November 29, 2008

Licorice Haiku Contest Winner

Congratulations to Ronda, who won the Licorice Haiku Contest. Here’s her winning haiku:

Little Girl Licorice

Thinking of childhood
Slowly melting in my mouth
Pleased to remember

Ronda and her husband buy licorice at Licorice International for their family and for gifts. They give licorice to “just about everybody.” A bag of licorice makes a great thank-you gift or “Welcome to Nebraska” present.

Ronda likes licorice because it’s a natural product without any fat and with very little sugar. Eating licorice is a relaxing way to satisfy her sweet tooth and even can help settle her tummy.

Her favorite is the Panda licorice from Finland because it’s flavored with molasses and not sugar. For something different, she enjoys Danish Heksehyl licorice, a salty licorice that’s black on the outside with a chewy, lighter colored center. And her kids love the Kookaburra strawberry licorice from Australia.

Honorable mention goes to Frederick for the following haiku:

It was licorice
That gave me the best mouth-feel
Taste I ever had

Special recognition for a youth entry goes to Miresa, age 14:

Licorice is good
It is very yummy too!
I like red, not black

Be watching for a new contest on December 1.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Licorice Puzzle

A licorice puzzle. Now that’s something different. My daughters, a friend and I recently tried out Licorice International’s new 308-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a colorful arrangement of their products. I like puzzles with a complex design like this. It's not frustrating to put together, but still remains a challenge. Definitely more fun than a landscape with an immense blue sky or massive amounts of green grass. It would make a great Christmas gift for a licorice lover or anyone who likes puzzles.

Home Grown Jigsaws Custom Puzzle Factory, which created the puzzle for Licorice International, was founded just two years ago by Omaha puzzle enthusiasts Mike and Sharon Swanson. Other puzzles created by the company feature Omaha landmarks, such as the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Union Pacific trains at Kenefick Park and Lauritzen Gardens.

Because the business is currently transitioning from a part-time side business to a full-time operation, it was selected for the Omaha World Herald’s Small Business Makeover series. Experts in several fields are helping the Swansons develop and market their business. You can read the first article in the series here.

To order the licorice puzzle, click here.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quit Smoking Naturally with Licorice

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows how difficult it can be. But help may come from an unlikely source: licorice. Chewing or sucking on licorice root can help in several ways. First, it just helps to have something in your mouth. Also, because licorice is used as a flavoring agent in cigarettes and other tobacco products, the flavor of licorice can help satisfy your cravings. You can purchase licorice root sticks here.

According to Patrick Holford, a British psychologist specializing in nutrition and mental health, licorice also promotes the action of adrenal hormones, which can be helpful in the withdrawal phase when someone quits smoking. Licorice also acts as an expectorant, which helps clear your lungs. If you prefer candy to licorice sticks, you might want to try Panda licorice. Holford recommends Panda licorice, because it is sweetened with molasses rather than sugar. You can purchase Panda licorice here.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Licorice Haiku Contest Update

Have you been thinking of a licorice haiku? We've extended the deadline for the licorice haiku contest. You now have until Friday, November 21, to finish your haiku.

Remember, haikus are not rhyming poems. Rather they are based on the number of syllables and follow this format:
Line 1: 5 syllables
Line 2: 7 syllables
Line 3: 5 syllables

The only requirement is that your haiku be about licorice. Just send it in an e-mail to The winner receives a $10 gift certificate to Licorice International.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kokindjes: A Dutch Licorice Favorite

Are you a black licorice fanatic? Or are you hesitant about this whole black licorice thing,
remembering how much you hated the stuff in your childhood? Believe it or not, no matter which camp you’re in, you may want to try Kokindjes licorice from Holland. At my licorice tasting party, both Judi (my licorice lover friend) and Terri (who claimed not to like black licorice before the party) picked Kokindjes as one of their favorites. Besides the taste, they mentioned the soft texture that doesn’t stick to your teeth and the size (just a small button—perfect for a little bite, but not so much that you feel guilty). Another friend commented that after eating Kokindjes, she found American Twizzlers quite tasteless. It’s worth checking out—both for your own eating and as a gift—maybe even for a non-licorice lover. Click here to purchase Kokindjes.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Licorice Tasting Party

My friends say I’m always doing something interesting. They never know quite what to expect. So they probably weren’t surprised when they got an invitation to a licorice tasting party. On a beautiful November afternoon we gathered in my living room to taste various kinds of licorice from Licorice International.
Guests’ opinions on licorice ranged from “I absolutely love it,” to “I like some kinds of licorice” to “I can’t stand the stuff.” Each gave her own perspective to the discussion. The friend in the “I can’t stand the stuff” category found some kinds of licorice she actually liked, and those in the “I absolutely love it” category gave their emphatic opinions as well.

After the tasting, some stayed to put together a licorice puzzle. I gave the rest of the samples to some friends who stopped by the next day. You’ll be hearing from my guests over the next few weeks, as I share their opinions on licorice.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Eat Licorice. Visit Bad Robot.

Are you looking for a unique gift? Try Bad Robot, a little shop located just down the street from Licorice International in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket District. The little shop is packed with an eclectic mix of items you won’t find anywhere else.
You’ll see everything from home d├ęcor, to “goofy stuff to play with” (to quote co-owner Dan Sloan), to upscale kitchen furnishings and bird feeders, to decorative chickens made from recycled plastic bags.

Local artisans contribute handmade jewelry, clothing and handbags. If you want to express your creativity, pick up a paint-it-yourself Munny figurine. Bad Robot is also the exclusive local outlet for Ospop footwear, canvas trainers designed after classic Chinese worker shoes.

And while you’re shopping, enjoy coffee by the cup or purchase from a selection of high-end teas. Bad Robot is just one of many great shops and restaurants you can visit while you’re in the neighborhood, shopping at Licorice International. We’ll be introducing you to more great places through this blog.

More Info: Bad Robot, 105 North 8th Street., Lincoln, Nebraska. (402)438-6137

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