Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun for the Holidays: Licorice Allsorts Puzzle

There's something about a jigsaw puzzle that promotes togetherness, conversation and relaxation. In our family, we like to keep a puzzle out on holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, when the weather is too cold to get outside much. We got a head start this year by trying out the latest puzzle from Licorice International. Called "All Sorts of Goodness," this puzzle has some easy parts to get you started, but provides plenty of challenge to keep you busy for a long time. The colorful Licorice Allsorts are perfect. Plus, it's fun to munch on Licorice Allsorts while putting the puzzle together.

Right now you can get the puzzle for $3.00 off (a special pre-Holiday price.) For a fun gift idea, combine the puzzle (available here) and a couple packages of Licorice Allsorts. A popular British treat, Licorice Allsorts have been around since 1899 and have a sweet, mild licorice flavor that will appeal to anyone, not just licorice lovers. You can get either the original Bassett's (available here) or RJ's from New Zealand (available here).

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Blogger eats her words after a visit to Lincoln, Nebraska (including a stop at Licorice International)

Avid blogger Liz von Achen (known for her humorous blog "Singing  Toes") previously blogged that she thought Nebraska smelled like cow dung. But after a day trip to Lincoln, she developed a new appreciation for Nebraska's "fertile aroma."

While strolling through Lincoln's Historic Haymarket in search of an authentic Nebraska hamburger, she noticed the sign for Licorice International and decided to stop and check out the retail store. Here's what she had to say about her visit:

Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by co-owner Elizabeth, who immediately offered tasty samplings of traditional red and black licorice pieces. She then gave a tour of the shop and invited me to sample as many gourmet licorice flavors as I’d like.

Licorice International Inc. offers more than 160 types of licorice from 14 countries, the largest selection of black licorice, gourmet licorice and European licorice available in the United States. Elizabeth described the company’s roots as a mail order business started by a NYC confectioner named Larry Ring. When Elizabeth and her partner Ardith purchased the company in 2002, they developed the website, and began fulfilling orders from their homes. Growth of the business led them to rent a facility for processing internet and mail orders, which then led to its current 4,450 square foot retail shop in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket district.

I sampled and purchased several gourmet twist flavors among many; cinnamon, orange, green apple, grape. As well as soothing licorice spice tea, and some anise mints from France.

Upon hearing of my cross-country road trip and plans to blog, Elizabeth graciously offered to take a photo of me with my camera, explaining that if I sent my photo to their site, they would post it, and share a link. Elizabeth and Ardith also conferred and directed me on my burger-quest to Lazlo’s.

Later, I reflected upon my visit to the lovely licorice shop. I must say, I was somewhat taken aback by just how pleasant Elizabeth and Ardith were to meet. Their earnest kindness and hospitality seemed quite unnecessary; they had me at "free samples."

So did Liz ever find her burger?  What else did she see in Lincoln? You can read her entire blog post about her visit here.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get 10% Off Licorice Thru November 30th

Licorice International is having a site wide sale. From now through November 30, get 10 percent off all products from their website.  No promotional code needed for this special offer.  Visit to take advantage of this offer.  Gourmet licorice and other specialty candies available from Licorice International make great Christmas gifts.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beat the H1N1 Flu Naturally - Licorice and Other Cures

Are you looking for a natural way to beat the flu?  Try licorice!  That's right.  According to an on-line article, licorice root has a list of benefits a mile long.  The article states, "it has anti-inflammatory properties, and has been reported to be useful for colds, flus, coughs, viral infections, sore throats, and more. Apparently, licorice root boots the body's natural level of interferon, which helps fight off viruses. In addition, licorice root is known to calm respiratory irritation and inflammation, and eases chest congestion and coughing."

You can get benefit from any licorice candies that contain real licorice (not just anise). Check the ingredients list on the licorice treats at Licorice International.  You can also buy real licorice root here.

Click here for the entire article about natural cures for the flu.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Troops Overseas Say, "Thanks for the Licorice!"

Something as simple as a licorice candy twist can make a soldier's day. Licorice International sponsors "Treats for the Troops," a program where you can purchase a package of licorice candy twists, which is sent to a chaplain overseas, who then distributes it to the men and women serving our country.

Here are some quotes from the chaplains who recently received their packages of licorice:

"We look forward to opening packages like these, ones sent with love and thoughtfulness. It brings a special joy to the day, knowing that friends and family back home are supporting us and thinking of us."

"Even something as simple as a pack of gum or a piece of their favorite candy can remind a person of what life is like Stateside and who they are over here serving. "

"Your gift is an encouragement to myself and our soldiers. It is through reminders like this that our soldiers are reminded that people back home do remember us."

" Many on the ship right now are enjoying the blessing. . . I've never had so many of the flavors of the licorice you sent and now I've discovered many new flavors that I now enjoy."

Click here to see more quotes.

You can still participate in "Treats for the Troops."  For more info, click here.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Handmade candy dish makes a great gift (and perfect for licorice too)

These handmade kiln-formed glass creations are amazing.  My daughter and I recently stopped by the Licorice International retail store and took a look at several dishes on display.  We loved the way the bubbles and sparkles catch the light, giving each unique dish different highlights every time you looked at it.
These one-of-a-kind works of art make great gifts. They're useful for holding candles, flowers, glass beads, stones, or just as a handy "catch-all" around the house.  And licorice would look great in them: red licorice for Christmas or black licorice for a classy touch any time (try Creamy Licorice Toffee or Kookaburra Black Twists). For something different, try colorful Licorice Allsorts or their new Sour Stars.

Each dish comes in a beautiful gift box. To purchase the dishes, click here.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get 10 Percent off Your Next Licorice Order

Now through November 14 you can get 10 percent off your order at Licorice International.  Just use the promotional code FALL10 when you order.  Enjoy!

Check out the new products here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Broadway Rolls are back!

Who remembers Broadway Rolls from the 60s? Perhaps you called them Danish Ribbons or Delfa Rolls. Half the fun was eating these long ribbons of red or black licorice.

If you've been searching for these tasty ribbons of candy, I have good news: They're back!  And now you can try one free.

If you place an on-line or phone order with Licorice International by November 30th, you'll receive TWO free Broadway Rolls: one black licorice and one strawberry flavored. Your two free rolls will be shipped in the same package as your order.

Click here for more information on this offer.

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