Monday, November 9, 2009

Troops Overseas Say, "Thanks for the Licorice!"

Something as simple as a licorice candy twist can make a soldier's day. Licorice International sponsors "Treats for the Troops," a program where you can purchase a package of licorice candy twists, which is sent to a chaplain overseas, who then distributes it to the men and women serving our country.

Here are some quotes from the chaplains who recently received their packages of licorice:

"We look forward to opening packages like these, ones sent with love and thoughtfulness. It brings a special joy to the day, knowing that friends and family back home are supporting us and thinking of us."

"Even something as simple as a pack of gum or a piece of their favorite candy can remind a person of what life is like Stateside and who they are over here serving. "

"Your gift is an encouragement to myself and our soldiers. It is through reminders like this that our soldiers are reminded that people back home do remember us."

" Many on the ship right now are enjoying the blessing. . . I've never had so many of the flavors of the licorice you sent and now I've discovered many new flavors that I now enjoy."

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