Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kokindjes: A Dutch Licorice Favorite

Are you a black licorice fanatic? Or are you hesitant about this whole black licorice thing,
remembering how much you hated the stuff in your childhood? Believe it or not, no matter which camp you’re in, you may want to try Kokindjes licorice from Holland. At my licorice tasting party, both Judi (my licorice lover friend) and Terri (who claimed not to like black licorice before the party) picked Kokindjes as one of their favorites. Besides the taste, they mentioned the soft texture that doesn’t stick to your teeth and the size (just a small button—perfect for a little bite, but not so much that you feel guilty). Another friend commented that after eating Kokindjes, she found American Twizzlers quite tasteless. It’s worth checking out—both for your own eating and as a gift—maybe even for a non-licorice lover. Click here to purchase Kokindjes.

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