Monday, November 3, 2008

Eat Licorice. Visit Bad Robot.

Are you looking for a unique gift? Try Bad Robot, a little shop located just down the street from Licorice International in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket District. The little shop is packed with an eclectic mix of items you won’t find anywhere else.
You’ll see everything from home décor, to “goofy stuff to play with” (to quote co-owner Dan Sloan), to upscale kitchen furnishings and bird feeders, to decorative chickens made from recycled plastic bags.

Local artisans contribute handmade jewelry, clothing and handbags. If you want to express your creativity, pick up a paint-it-yourself Munny figurine. Bad Robot is also the exclusive local outlet for Ospop footwear, canvas trainers designed after classic Chinese worker shoes.

And while you’re shopping, enjoy coffee by the cup or purchase from a selection of high-end teas. Bad Robot is just one of many great shops and restaurants you can visit while you’re in the neighborhood, shopping at Licorice International. We’ll be introducing you to more great places through this blog.

More Info: Bad Robot, 105 North 8th Street., Lincoln, Nebraska. (402)438-6137

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1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I've been to Bad Robot and they have a fascinating assortment of toys and gifts. A fun stop when you're in the Haymarket.