Saturday, November 29, 2008

Licorice Haiku Contest Winner

Congratulations to Ronda, who won the Licorice Haiku Contest. Here’s her winning haiku:

Little Girl Licorice

Thinking of childhood
Slowly melting in my mouth
Pleased to remember

Ronda and her husband buy licorice at Licorice International for their family and for gifts. They give licorice to “just about everybody.” A bag of licorice makes a great thank-you gift or “Welcome to Nebraska” present.

Ronda likes licorice because it’s a natural product without any fat and with very little sugar. Eating licorice is a relaxing way to satisfy her sweet tooth and even can help settle her tummy.

Her favorite is the Panda licorice from Finland because it’s flavored with molasses and not sugar. For something different, she enjoys Danish Heksehyl licorice, a salty licorice that’s black on the outside with a chewy, lighter colored center. And her kids love the Kookaburra strawberry licorice from Australia.

Honorable mention goes to Frederick for the following haiku:

It was licorice
That gave me the best mouth-feel
Taste I ever had

Special recognition for a youth entry goes to Miresa, age 14:

Licorice is good
It is very yummy too!
I like red, not black

Be watching for a new contest on December 1.
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Ronda. I like your haiku. Hope you'll take a moment to submit a licorice memory for our December contest.