Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Soldiers are requesting licorice

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse recently visited a military base to film a TV special. In a follow-up interview he was asked what non-perishable food items he would recommend that family and friends send to military people. One of the things he suggested was licorice. Here's what he said:

Q: What non-perishable food items would you recommend that family and friends send to military people?

A: I just shipped a box [recently] to a couple of friends and it was simple stuff … a lot of my spices, which is what they wanted, a few jars of my pasta sauce, licorice — believe it or not, red and black licorice was one of the big requests — and hard candies. Bags of them, because that’s what they miss.

(Read the full interview here .)

You can share licorice with our troops through Licorice International's "Treats for the Troops" program. You can purchase either a 12-pound box of Licorice Candy Twists (approximately 500 twists) or an 8-pound box of Licorice Candy Twists (approximately 350 twists). Licorice International will ship the box to a chaplain who will distribute the candy to men and women serving our country.

Click here for more information about this great program.

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