Monday, June 21, 2010

Red, White and Blue Licorice (with emphasis on Red)

Independence Day is a great time to enjoy licorice. Licorice International offers red licorice and other red treats to make your Fourth of July festive. Combine with Kenny's Pina Colada and Blue Raspberry Twists for a patriotic display. Pictured here are:
Decaf Licorice Coffee
Australian Strawberry Kookaburra Twists
Australian Raspberry Kookaburra Twists
Red Laces
Strawberry Broadway Rolls
Haribo Strawberry Wheels
Cinnamon Lava Balls
Red Sampler
Original Cherry Chews
Red Pipes by Leaf
Red Tire Tread
Kenny's Red Raspberry Twists
Australian Style Red Licorice

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