Monday, August 9, 2010

Glacia IceBox Pure Arctic Spring Water Available at Licorice International in Lincoln, Nebraska

I'm not normally a fan of bottled water, but IceBox changed my mind. There are so many reasons to love this water:

1. It tastes terrific.  Most bottled water tastes flat because it's had much of the minerals removed. Glacia IceBox is pure arctic spring water from Norway. It's better than any water I've ever tasted. It makes me feel like I'm kayaking in a Norwegian fjord.

2. It's good for you. IceBox Water is packaged at the Rustad Spring in Norway, located in a perfect geological area with the best layering of clay, coal, limestone and sand. Rain water from more than 100 years ago percolated through the various layers, where it was filtered, cleansed and enriched with naturally occurring minerals before reaching the spring. Because it's packaged in a box instead of plastic, that means no harmful chemical from plastic leach into the water.

3. It's good for the earth. Ice Box is called "box" for a reason. The water comes in a box made primarily from biodegradable recyclable cardboard. In addition, the IceBox package takes up less space than that occupied by same amount of plastic bottles it replaces. And the Carbon Footprint is considerably lower than that of plastic bottles. Be sure to recycle the box when you are finished.
Licorice International is the distributor of Glacia IceBox pure arctic spring water. The water is available at the Licorice International retail store, located at 803 Q Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Anonymous said...

I love this water!!!
Great idea for an eco solution.