Friday, December 24, 2010

Winners of the Gingerbread House Contest with a Twist

Hannah Becker won two prizes for her architectural achievement
Congratulations to Hannah Becker, who won two prizes in the first annual Licorice International Gingerbread House Contest with a Twist.  She was awarded a total of $75 in gift certificates to Licorice International for the People's Choice Award ($25) and First Place Award ($50).

Hannah’s house, “Temporary Elegance,”  was based on a dollhouse she’d owned as a young girl. When Hannah bought the dollhouse, the woman who made it included a small model of the house made out of cardboard. Hannah used the model to make a pattern for the gingerbread house. She used Royal icing to hold the pieces of gingerbread together and buttercream frosting to decorate the house. She decorated it with various candies, including the Sweet Licorice ButtonsRed Licorice Laces and Blue Rasperry Twists, which she purchased at Licorice International. It took her three days to decorate the house. Hannah admits that she isn’t a big fan of black licorice, but she is looking forward to using her gift certificates to purchase other treats from Licorice International, such as Butter Caramels, and trying some of the mints.

Sam & Jane Swanson, tied for First Place with their gingerbread Log Cabin, complete with real licorice root piled up outside to represent the woodpile. Hannah and the Swansons (mother and son) were each awarded a $50 gift certificate to Licorice International.

Gina Henrickson won second place for “Gina’s Dream House" and received a gift certificate for $25. She used the following licorice in her gingerbread house: RJ’s Licorice Allsorts, Assorted Sour Stars, Bridge Mix, Red Licorice Laces, Black Licorice Wheels, and Amarelli Sassolini.

Log Cabin

Hannah working on her house

The house and the model

Gina's Dream House

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