Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Team-Building Activity at Licorice International

Are you looking for a fun activity for your club or group? Here's an idea: Take a Taste 'n Tour at Licorice International.

That's what this group of coworkers from the Patient Financial Services/Accounting department at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska did as a team-building exercise.

Elizabeth shared a bit of the history of the business with a look behind the scenes at the internet fulfillment area. Ardith gave lots of samples and took photos.

What a brave group! They all tried black licorice and from the purchases they made, I think they liked it.

From left to right: Amanda, Barb, Nancy, Tara and Cherise.

To schedule a Taste 'n Tour for your group, please contact Elizabeth at 402.488.2230.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Amanda, for arranging this visit. We enjoyed your group.