Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Licorice Commercial

Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Licorice really packs a Wallop.  Be careful when you eat it.  Watch this commercial to see what may happen!

You can buy Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Red Licorice or Black Licorice through Licorice International.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, this is no sissy Twizzlers licorice.

Troy Townsend said...

I just won a bag at at Bi_Mart,pretty good liqorice,doesnt have that gassy acidic taste nor the plasticy taste of Twizzlers,other Gourmet Licorice I have won before soon found the pavement after being tasted,Wiley Wallaby is on its way to my belly,thanks Wiley wallaby.

Anonymous said...

absolutely totally the best licorice ever!!!!!!!!!!!!