Friday, July 8, 2011

Licorice Is Always in Fashion

Eduardo Torres created this stunning dress using nine pounds of shoestring licorice.

Did you guess that the dress above was made out of licorice?!?!?!  Susan Lazear, Professor of Fashion at San Diego's Mesa College and founder of Cochemille Design challenged a group of designers to "use things we look at every day but don't see as fashion."

According to Visions Art Musuem, Summer 2011, designer Eduardo Torres, responded to the challenge to use nontraditional materials, by selecting black string licoirce. He conducted numerous searches on the internet and rejected idea after idea because it had been done. He used nine pounds of licorice in the creation of this dress.

Whether you want to wear it or eat it, you can buy shoestring licorice in red and black at Licorice International

Special thanks to Nancy Davenport who shared this story with us.

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