Thursday, January 19, 2012

Licorice International Receives High Praise for Customer Service

Adam Churvis, a customer, sent us this glowing testimony. Thank you, Adam. It is our pleasure to serve you and other licorice lovers.

I would like to thank Licorice International, and especially Jared, for the finest customer service and product quality I have received from any Internet vendor of any product, ever.

I have both Type II diabetes and high blood pressure, so I have to be very careful about nutritional intake and portion control.  I also have to squeeze as much licorice pleasure as I can from each bite, so I go for more intensely-flavored licorice.  So I need help doing my research before a purchase.

What usually happens when I ask most vendors' customer service representatives for information outside of the norm is I get a fraction of what I asked for along with an attitude, like I'm ruining their day.

Jared, on the other hand, wanted to make absolutely sure that he was giving me every detail I asked about, both courteously and promptly.  He sent me full nutritional specifications.  He followed up with suggestions for other products that might fit my tastes and nutritional requirements.  He checked sugar levels for suggested portions.  He researched your entire product line for attributes that would match my criteria.

And as for the quality of each product I ordered, they were absolutely fresh and soft, as if there were made this morning.  Layers of fresh, complex, intense licorice flavor notes throughout the chew, meltingly tender on the palate, and a finish that just kept going.  Better than the licorice I used to have flown in from vendors in Holland some years ago.

So, what is the result of everything you've done to fulfill my needs?

First, the order I received today was for six products rather than my originally intended two.  Second, I received no fewer than four free samples of additional products that Jared picked out for me based on our emails - each one a hit, I might add - and I will include these on my future orders.  And third, I am now "brand married" to Licorice International, and see no reason whatsoever to buy my licorice anywhere else.

Again, thank you so very much for all your hard work.  I will, of course, be ordering from you again and again.


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