Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Licorice that tastes like Jolly Ranchers?

Everyone at my licorice tasting party agreed: The Darrell Lea Soft Eating Green Apple Liquorice reminded them of Jolly Ranchers, those wonderful hard candies known for their authentic fruit flavors.

This Australian licorice was a big hit at my party. My friends appreciated the mild, pleasant flavor and the fact that it wasn't too sour (which is what they expected from a green apple candy). They also liked the soft texture.

Those who weren't fans of black licorice found they loved this candy, even though it does contain real licorice root.

"Liquorice" is the British and Australian spelling. Darrell Lea, a family-owned business, is well-known in Australia for its candy stores. They developed soft-eating licorice in 1957 and introduced the green apple flavor in 2004. Their licorice is so popular that now 25 percent of the Australian licorice market is soft eating. It is created using a special cooking process and has a shelf life of 12 months.

Purchase Darrell Lea Soft Eating Green Apple Liquorice here.

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