Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eat Licorice. Share a meal at Bread & Cup.

Just down the street from Licorice International in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket, you'll find Bread & Cup, a new restaurant that's becoming a popular destination.

It's a refreshing alternative: simple food and drink meant to be shared. It's about fresh ingredients and letting the natural processes of heat and fermentation enhance the good flavors of the food, explained Kevin Shinn, who owns the restaurant with his wife Karen (pictured right). Favorite meal items include hearty stews, soups and sandwiches, such as the popular pulled pork, served with baked apples, or the new turkey salad sandwich tossed in cream cheese, green chiles, green onion and cumin. When the Farmers Market is active, you can enjoy "Market Meals" created from fresh produce purchased that day from local farmers.

But it's about more than the food. It's about slowing down, connecting with others, enjoying good conversation. It's about sharing quality wine and their "slowdough" break coupled with aged cheese, apple butter or pesto. Or relaxing in a peaceful environment over French press coffee and freshly baked scones.

"We really want to be known as a place where people connect," said Kerry Knight, manager. "Throughout history people seem to connect better through food and drink."

Kerry is a big fan of Licorice International. Kerry's favorite kinds of licorice are:
Irish toffee. ("They melt in your mouth," he says.) Available here.
Good and Plenty (Fresher than anyplace else, he says). Available here.
Strawberry Kookaburra Twists. Available here.
Black Tire Tread. Available here.

Bread & Cup is located at the corner of 8th and S Street in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket.
For more information see or call 402-438-2255.

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