Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Licorice and Stress

A friend of mine regularly uses licorice to combat stress She said if she's feeling stressed out, she sucks on a piece of Panda licorice (she likes Panda because it uses molasses instead of sugar) or she brews a pot of licorice spice tea.

A little research showed that my friend is in good company. Licorice has been used to combat stress for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans reguarly used it for stress. In fact, Alexander the Great passed out licorice root to his battle troops.

It turns out that licorice strengthens the adrenal glands, which regulate the body's stress response.
So the next time you feel stressed, reach for your favorite licorice treat. Make sure the candy you choose is made with real licorice root, not just flavored with anise. You can find all kinds of licorice from all over the world through Licorice International. To start with, try my friend's favorite Panda licorice, or some Dutch treats, such as Soft Licorice Drops or Beehive Honey Licorice. (But there are lots more to choose from here.) If you prefer the soothing nature of hard candy, try Potter's original licorice bits. And if you want a natural treat reminsent of the ancients, try chewing or sucking on licorice root sticks.

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Brian said...

Except during pregnancy... The American Journal of Epidemiology just published a report indicating that licorice during pregnancy has negative affects on the child's intelligence. I just came from here: http://www.blisstree.com/articles/avoid-licorice-while-pregnant/ to your article here via Google as I'd always heard of licorice being used for stress relief.