Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Licorice Candy Twists - Not just for licorice lovers!

A visit from our friend Aaron gave us the ideal opportunity to test out Kenny's Licorice Candy Twists. Everyone says these treats appeal to anyone, not just licorice lovers. Since Aaron is still not convinced about black licorice, we thought we'd see what he thought of these delectible candies.

Result? He loved them. His favorite was Pina Colada, although he liked the cinnamon too.

Pina Colada was my daughter Carmen's favorite (She's the one in the middle), while Monica and I liked the root beer the best.

With 14 flavors in all, you'll be sure to find a favorite too. Many of these reminded us of other favorite treats. Grape tastes like grape soda or jolly ranchers; chocolate is a bit like a Tootsie Roll; peach tastes like those yummy gummy peach rings; and orange reminds us of old-fashioned orange slice gumdrops. Cinnamon has a pleasant, not-too-hot taste.

A friend of mine gives Kenny's Candy Licorice Twists as high school graduation gifts. The package is a perfect size to go with a graduation card, and they're perfect for those late-night study sessions in college.

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