Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Licorice Treats Bring Joy to Orphans in Haiti

What a difference a sweet treat can make in a child's life. These pictures were sent to us from an orphanage in Haiti.

Mmm . . . Kenny's Peach Licorice Candy Twists!

For more heartwarming photos and information how you can help, visit

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Anonymous said...

What a great story of the kids in Haiti enjoying your licorice. What a great idea it would be if a small portion of your proceeds from sales would go to support such a worthy cause. Thanks for sharing their story.
--- your Missouri neighbor

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your encouraging words. We will definitely consider your suggestion. Our hope is to make known the needs and trust God to supply as He sees fit.

We are also introducing an outreach to men and women in the military and underwriting a substantial portion of the cost.

Cake Decorating Ideas said...

I've heard that the US soldiers in Europe during WWII would give chocolate bars to the kids they met. Giving out licorice is a new idea to me, but clearly a good one. Thanks for posting these pictures.