Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dutch Licorice - The Candy Holland Calls Drop

Holland has the largest per capita licorice consumption in the world. The Dutch call licorice "drop," and they enjoy many licorice varieties, including their specialty, salty licorice.

However, licorice was not invented in the Netherlands. Licorice is actually a naturally occurring root native to southern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia, and has been valued for its medicinal qualities since ancient times. When theDutch traders brought back licorice from their travels, the treat quickly became popular. From Holland, the traders shared it with the rest of Europe.

Some unique varieties of Dutch licorice offered by Licorice International include:

Salmiak Rocks: If you're not sure about salty licorice, try these first. The creamy outside layer complements the salty center for a great taste combination.

Licorice Chalk: This old-fashioned treat will remind you of your school days, but the taste will amaze you. A light minty coating covers a soft, sweet center.

Mounties Licorice Caramels: A perfect blend of licorice and caramels, two favorite tastes for candy lovers. Also, in the shape of a tube, the licorice center is covered by sweet caramel.

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