Monday, July 26, 2010

Special Olympics Brings Thousands to Lincoln - and Licorice International

What a week! From July 17-24 Lincoln, Nebraska, hosted the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games. Thousands of athletes, family members, coaches, volunteers and fans participated in the event, which happens every four years in different U.S. cities. Lincoln is known for its kind hospitality and friendly people. When the visitors weren't busy with the games, they kept busy exploring Lincoln. Many discovered an amazing little store in the heart of Lincoln's Haymarket District - Licorice International, located at 8th and Q Streets.

This group from Missouri kept coming back and buying more.  Each time they sampled different kinds of licorice and walked out with a bagfull.

A woman from Florida is not a fan of licorice, but she bought an armload of black licorice for her father, a licorice lover. She also bought a package of Kenny's Pina Colada Licorice Candy Twists for herself.

This couple came from Michigan. Their daughter plays basketball in the Special Olympics. They bought Finnish Strawberry Bites and  RJ's Licorice Allsorts.

A group from Minnesota loved sampling the many kinds of licorice. These two were pleasantly suprised at how much they enjoyed the mildly salty taste of Salmiak Rocks Licorice from Holland. They ended up buying a package, along with several other tasty treats.

After they return home, they can continue to buy great gourmet licorice from the Licorice International Website (

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Elizabeth said...

No doubt about it. The Special Olympics was an extraordinary experience for all of us in Lincoln. Thanks for coming to our city. You brightened every corner of the city. Come back, we love you!