Thursday, July 29, 2010

This baby loves Dubbel Zout (double salt) black licorice from Holland

Dubbel Zout (double salt) black licorice from Holland has a unique salty taste that may take some getting used to.  Some people enjoy giving Dubbel Zout to their friends, just to see their reaction, and some enjoy videotaping the faces people make when tasting the salty candy.

Baby Maggie loves Dubbel Zout!  There's nothing like a baby's reaction to candy.  Watch it here:

If you want to try Dubbel Zout for yourself (or if you want to give it to your friends to see their reaction), click here to order.

What about you?  Are you a Dubbel Zout lover, or is the salty taste too much for you?  Leave a comment to tell us about it.


Anonymous said...


Can I link to this post please?

Licorice Lover said...

Yes you may.