Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Licorice and Other Gourmet Candies for Trick or Treaters

This year, why not introduce the neighborhood kids to the great old fashioned taste of licorice?  Order from Licorice International by October 21 to make sure you get your candy in time for Halloween. Here are some wrapped licorice treats that would work great for Halloween:

Black Pipes by Leaf (from Finland). Remember buying these at the corner candy store? These pipes come individually wrapped and have that old-fashioned taste.
Click here for a box of 10
Click here for a box of 60.

Creamy Licorice Toffee from Ireland has a hint of toffee taste, making it an excellent introduction to licorice, even for those who are not sure about trying real licorice. The wonderful chewy texture makes this irresistible.
Click here for a 1/2-lb bag.
Click here for a 5-pound bag (approx. 300 pieces)
Click here for a 20-pound case (approx. 1200 pieces!)

Black Taffy. Similar to the old-fashioned Black Jack Taffy, this pink, white and black colored candy combines the flavors of anise and licorice in a soft, chewy treat.
Click here for a 1/2-pound bag.

Black Licorice Caramels. A delightful combination of chewy caramel and licorice flavor is perfect for Halloween.
Click here for a 1/4-pound bag. (Buy several to make sure you have enough.)

Licorice Starlight Mints. Also known as Licorice Pinwheels, these hard, round mints combine licorice and mint flavors for a great after-dinner taste.
Click here for a 1/2-pound bag.

Not quite courageous enough to give out licorice on Halloween?  How about these gourmet candies from Licorice International:

Butter Caramels You've got to taste these creamy butter caramels . . . there are no words to describe how good they are. Individually wrapped pieces.
Click here for a 1/4-pound bag. (Buy several to make sure you have enough.)

Glitterrati Mint Medley. This eye-catching, one-of-a-kind assortment is composed of SIX deliciously different mint candies: fourr scrumptious mint combinations (butter-mint, vanilla-mint, chocolate-mint and cinnamon-mint), plus a superb peppermint and the Chipurnoi signature mint. Only 3 calories in each piece.
Click here for a 1/4-pound package.

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