Monday, October 18, 2010

Licorice Ideas for Halloween Parties and Costumes

Halloween is coming, and what better way to celebrate than with licorice!  Did you know you can get gourmet licorice in some fun shapes for Halloween from Licorice International on-line? Order by October 21 to ensure delivery by Halloween. Here are some ideas for decorating and costumes.

Licorice Cats: These black cats won't scare you or bring you bad luck--just lots of real licorice flavor. Use them to decorate cookies, cupcakes or full-size cakes. Or just set them out in a bowl for munching. Available in 1/2 pound, 2.2 pound, or 6.6 pound packages

Black Licorice Laces: Need some whiskers for your black cat cake? How about some legs for your spider cupcakes? Mice ears? Just a black edge around a Halloween dessert? The possibilities are endless.  Licorice International sells Black Licorice Laces from Finland that taste amazing. Available in 4 ounce or 2 lb. packages.

Black Licorice Pipes: Does your Halloween costume need a pipe?  Just for fun, try an old-fashioned black licorice pipe. Made in Finland, home of some of the best licorice in the world, these pipes are so tasty, that you might want to bring along some extra to share. They're individually wrapped too. Available in boxes of 10 or boxes of 60.

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