Friday, January 28, 2011

Chocolate and Licorice: A Wonderful Combination for Valentine's Day. Valentine Gift Ideas from Licorice International

Chocolate makes a great Valentine's Day gift. But what if your loved one is a licorice lover? How about a gift of chocolate-covered licorice? The pairing of chocolate and licorice is amazing. During the winter months, Licorice International offers the following chocolate and licorice combinations (Click on the title to order):

Chocolate Licorice Lentils: Deep dark chocolate with a delicate licorice candy coating. A wonderful treat for both the licorice and chocolate lover. Made by Koppers.

Kookaburra Chocolate-Covered Black: Gourmet licorice from Australia drenched in rich milk chocolate. This has to be the best combination ever. Kookaburra is the best selling licorice at Licorice International.

Kookaburra Chocolate-Covered Strawberry: Strawberry licorice from Australia is drenched in rich milk chocolate to create an amazing taste sensation!

Know someone who isn't a licorice lover? Give them the Cordial Quartet. A tasty sampler of four gourmet flavors--Cappuccino, Sambuca, Creme Brulee, and Amaretto--will be sure to please any chocolate lover. Made by Koppers Chocolates.

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