Sunday, March 6, 2011

Free Pontefract Cakes with Every Order

Pontefract cakes have a long history in England. Though they're called "cakes," they're actually soft, chewy, disk-shaped candies about the size of a quarter, packed with rich licorice flavor. They were first created as a medicine for stomach ailments and coughs. When sugar was added to them in 1760 they became immensely popular and a delightful new confection was born!  Potefract cakes have inspired an annual festival, and even a poem entitled "The Licorice Fields at Pontefract" (by Sir John Bentjeman).

Now you can taste Pontefract Cakes for free. Place an order of any size at Licorice International by March 31st and you'll receive a FREE sample package of Pontefract Cakes from England.

The free sample will be automatically included with your package. If you send a gift, the recipient receives the sample packages. Offer applies to INTERNET AND PHONE ORDERS ONLY. Does not apply to shop purchases. (When you stop by the shop, we'll give you as many samples as you care to try.)

Click here to shop at Licorice International and receive your free sample package of Pontefract Cakes

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