Friday, March 4, 2011

For a Limited Time: Irish Creamy Licorice Toffee and Irish Potato Candy: Order now for St. Patrick's Day!

Now for a limited time, you can get two awesome St. Patrick's Day favorites.

Made in Ireland, this chewy delight has become a favorite at St. Patrick's Day.  The combination of licorice and toffee will delight anyone, even those who aren't big fans of black licorice.  The soft, chewy texture has a great mouth feel. Similar to Callard & Bowser licorice toffee. Order some Creamy Licorice Toffee here.

These extraordinary treats originated in Philadelphia a hundred years ago. They're not potatoes, and they're not really from Ireland, but they've become a favorite St. Patrick's Day treat because they look like mini-potatotes from Ireland. You'll love the creamy coconut flavor coated with cinnamon.  Excellent to serve at a St. Patrick's Day party. Order your Irish Potato Candy here.

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