Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tiny Candy Chips from Italy in Licorice, Mint and Fruit Flavors

Looking for a tiny sweet treat? Candy Chips from Italy give you a burst of flavor without adding a lot of calories (or guilt). Carry them in your purse or pocket for a quick treat anywhere.

Amarelli Sugar Free Chips are firm, but chewy licorice candies with just a hint of menthol. Flavored with malitol and individually wrapped.

Chips by Chipurnoi are hard candies with a strong licorice and menthol flavor. Great for sore throats. Each chip has only 2.5 calories.

Fruit Flavored Chips come in variety of fruit flavors such as lemon, lime, cherry, orange, and berry and are mentholated. Also can be used to give relief for sore throats.

Glitterati Mint Medley chips come in six scrumptious mint flavors: butter-mint, vanilla-mint, chocolate-mint and cinnamon-mint, peppermint and the Chipurnoi signature mint. Great to carry along to freshen your breath anywhere. Each piece has just three calories.

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