Monday, February 28, 2011

New! Fox's Glacier Dark Licorice from Licorice International

Fox's Glacier Dark Licorice and Anise candies have long been favorites in England. These hard candies combine the similar tastes of licorice and anise and are based on an old recipe for Army & Navy sweets.  (Army & Navy is a traditional hard boiled, lozenge-shaped candy, flavored with licorice and herbs and used to soothe the throat.) Fox’s Glacier Dark are equally delicious, rich in taste, hard, and long-lasting.

And now they're available from your favorite source for licorice from around the world: Licorice International. No need to pay international shipping to taste this unique treat. To order Fox's Glacier Dark, click here.

Fox's Glacier Dark candies are individually wrapped and contain no artificial colors.

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