Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now you get TWO free gifts: Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars and Irish Potato Candy

Now through February 28, you have a special opportunity. Place an order of any size at Licorice International by February 28th and we'll include a TWO FREE sample packages: Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars and Irish Potato Candy.

The Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars are a soft, chewy round with a mildly spicy cinnamon flavor.The size of a dime and a quarter of an inch thick, these Red Hot Cinnamon Dollars, will bring back memories of good, old-fashioned summertime picnics and nights at the drive-in theater.

Irish Potatoes are macaroon and coconut flavored buttercream nuggets dusted with cinnamon. These extraordinary treats are available only thru St. Patrick's Day (March 17th).

The two FREE SAMPLE PACKAGES will be automatically included with your package. If you send a gift, the recipient receives the sample packages.

Offer applies to INTERNET AND PHONE ORDERS ONLY. Does not apply to shop purchases. (When you stop by the shop, we'll give you as many samples as you care to try.)

Click here to order.

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