Friday, February 11, 2011

Bequet Caramels are Amazing, and There's Even a Licorice Flavor

I've always been a fan of caramels. But now that I've tasted Bequet Caramels, nothing else compares. The gourmet taste combines the goodness of homemade with an elegance fit for royalty. They have a soft, not-too-chewy texture with a great mouth feel.

Now you can sample three of the most popular varieties for only $5. The Bequet Caramel Sampler from Licorice International includes Traditional Soft Vanilla Flavor, Celtic Sea Salt® and (of course) black licorice. My personal favorite is the Celtic Sea Salt®. The combination of sweet caramel with a bit of salt will amaze you.

Click here to order your Bequet Sampler. You may want to order several. The package of 10 individually wrapped caramels makes a great gift. Tuck it into a coffee mug or basket for a special treat for someone special.

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