Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Edible Necklace for Mardi Gras or Just for Fun

Here's a great idea for Mardi Gras, or anytime: Create an edible necklace out of Black Licorice Laces and Old Fashioned Snaps, both available from Licorice International.

Each section of Black Licorice Laces is just the correct length for a necklace, and the Snaps work perfectly for beads.

Simply string the Snaps on a piece of Black Licorice Lace just as you would a necklace. If the licorice doesn't fit in a Snap, simply make the hole bigger by inserting a skewer and/or squeezing the Snap between your fingers. You can put the beads on using a pattern, as I did in my example, or use random colors. You may want to personalize it by adding colored miniature marshmallows or ring-shaped cereal or candy.

When you've finished stringing the Snaps on the Laces, simply tie the two ends together with a simple knot, just as you would with a balloon. Reinforce with another knot. Pull the ends tight, but be careful not to tear the Laces.

Then get ready to enjoy Mardi Gras!

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